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The Board of Directors meetings are regularly held on the third Tuesday of every month at 5:00 P.M. in the Clubhouse. The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 21, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. in the Clubhouse. Please plan to join us!
posted: 12/16/2015
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If you see something, say something!   

There has been an increase in crime in the community and throughout Newport Beach. Per Deputy Chief Lewis of the Newport Beach Police Department, crime in Newport Beach is up 9% this year.  Common issues are package theft, mail theft, and unlocked doors and unattended property.  Below are some crime prevention tips to prevent theft and break-ins:


Package Theft Prevention


·         Always track your package deliveries so that you know when they are estimated to arrive at your home.

·         Make sure that someone is home to receive the delivery, or that a trusted neighbor is available to receive the package on your behalf.

·         Never leave your deliveries unattended on your front porch.

·         Always require a signature when having items delivered.


Mail Theft Prevention


·         Always use a U.S. Postal collection box or deposit your mail inside your local post office.

·         Whether you have a home mailbox or use a post office box, you should always collect your mail on the day it is delivered.  Never leave it in your mailbox overnight.

·         Mail thieves look for bank statements and credit card bills, which can be used to create counterfeit checks or fake identifications.

·         Thieves also look for personal checks enclosed in utility bills or other payments.  Thieves take these stolen checks, remove the ink, and then fill out the blank check with their name and desired amount.

·         Never send cash or coins through the mail.

·         When reordering checks, have them sent to your bank.

·         When you travel, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up your mail.

·         If you receive a check, bill, or other mail you are expecting, contact the issuing agency immediately.


Unlocked Doors and Unattended Property


·         Keep your car doors and unit doors and windows locked at all times.

·         Do not leave phones, tablets, computers, watches, wallets, etc. in plain sight.

·         Make sure all bicycles are locked up.

·         Do not leave your remote, fob or keys in plain sight.

·         Keep all common area property doors locked (i.e. pedestrian doors and garage gates)

·         Frequently check items stored in the common area


The NBPD also recommends that all residents use a property catalog to create an inventory of their valuables.  When creating your inventory, record any serial numbers associated with your property and attach photos.  It is also recommended to engrave an identification number on any items that do not have a serial number.  By having the serial or identification number on your items, the police will know exactly what they are looking for if it is stolen.


Residents can sign up at to get updates on crime and other relevant information from the Newport Police Department.

posted: 1/26/2016