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Town Hall Meetings - Water Intrusion & Homeowner Insurance

Hello Villa Balboa Homeowners,

Below is the Zoom information for the Town Hall Meeting on 7/27 where Management will be reviewing with the community the Water Intrusion Policy and the recommended insurance that homeowners should have in case of any water incident. Also, for the Thursday Town Hall Meeting, the start time has been moved from 6:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Both Town Hall Meetings are expected to last approximately 1 hour, however you are not required to stay the entire time.

Please note, that the Zoom Information for Thursday is different than the one for tonight and will be sending out that out separately tomorrow to prevent any confusion.

Zoom Quick Link

Zoom Information

Meeting ID: 979 480 424 65

Password: 467748

Call In Information

+1 (669) 219-2599 US (San Jose)

+1 (213) 338-8477 US (Los Angeles)

Paris Pool Closure

The Paris Pool will be closed from February 18th through March 4th for Renovations. The pool area will be getting a new deck on the floor surface. During this time, the Cagney Pool will be open and heated.

Dogs on Leash

With the new Rules and Regulations in place regarding dogs, the number of dogs in the community has increased. We want to remind all homeowners that when the dog is in the common area, they must be on a leash at all times, no exception. Residents that walk their dogs in the hallways, outside in the common area or on the fire access road without a leash will receive a violation notice and/or a hearing notice.

For the safety of other residents and other pets, always keep pets on a leash in the common area.

Pumpkins in Hallway

As a reminder, please do not leave pumpkins in the hallway. Due to the ocean air, they deflate relatively quickly and damage the hallway carpet. Residents that place pumpkins in the hallway will be called to a hearing.

270 Cagney Remodel

The 270 Cagney remodel project will be begin on October 8th and will continue though November 10th. Included in the project will be painting, carpet replacement and tile replacement.

270 Cagney Remodel

With the 950 Cagney interior remodel coming to a close on 10/6, the 270 Cagney remodel will begin on 10/8. The work will last about six (6) weeks from start to finish. There will be intermittent noise during the work.

Road Project

From August 4th to August 25th the Association will be placing the initial seal coat over the new asphalt on each Tuesday starting at 7:00 a.m. through noon on Wednesday. During this time, exterior parking will be scarce. Make sure that if you have available parking in the garage to park in the garage as opposed to outside.

Pool Usage

Please make sure that all users of the pool are following the temporary pool rules. Failure to do so will result in a hearing where the common area privileges could be suspended and a monetary penalty be charged.

During the recent weeks, several units have not followed the rules.

Coral Tree Removals

On May 24th, another coral tree fell within the community. This is the second coral tree to fall within the last 12 months at Villa Balboa (in addition to the coral tree that fell from Versailles property onto Nice Lane). Fortunately, no one was injured, but there was property damage both times. The original plan, as you know, was to remove 1/8th of the coral trees per year and replace them as needed. That unfortunately can no longer be the path forward. 

After review with the Landscape Company, Legal and the Insurance Carrier, with a heavy heart, the remaining 39 coral trees on the property must be removed as soon as is feasible as they have become an immediate safety hazard and a liability within the community. The Association is already at risk of not being renewed with the insurance carrier due to the first tree falling and other insurance claims filed in recent years. The coral trees will be removed starting on June 15th and will take one to two weeks to remove. Once they are removed, the Association will evaluate the areas for replacement. The exact trees that will replace the coral trees have not been selected but will be soon as the goal is to select a tree or trees that won’t decline after 30-35 years as experienced with the coral trees. 

We know this is upsetting for a lot of homeowners within the community, as it is for the Board of Directors and Landscape Committee, but the safety of the community residents, their property and guests must be the first priority.

Pool, Gym and Tennis Court Closure Update

The Board of Directors is continuing to monitor the situation with COVID-19 and the reopening of the pool, gym and tennis court. We will be sending out an e-mail blast to the community and posting it in the directories when certain amenities reopen.

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